Oilheat Benefits

iS9870374.jpgIf you are comparing heating systems, you may be aware of some confusing claims made by Oilheat's competitors. The Hudson Valley Oil & Energy Council offers the following information to set the record straight and to assist you in obtaining the facts.

  • Home heating oil burns so cleanly, it is not subject to any clean air requirements.
  • Residential oil burner particulate emissions are now approaching near-zero levels. The introduction of ultra-low sulfur fuel in July 2012 is just one more step toward environmental sustainability.
  • A yearly price comparison between gas and Oilheat in the northeast shows that Oilheat is the more economical fuel for 16 of the past 20 years*.
  • Upgrading to a new, more efficient oil system can save you 30% in heating and hot water costs.
  • When you compare Oilheat to the competing fuels on a point-by-point basis, Oilheat emerges as the clear best choice.
  • Oil bills are always easy to understand. Fuel usage is measured in familiar gallons.
  • With Oilheat, you always have a choice of many suppliers.
  • With Oilheat, you will enjoy personalized service from a fuel provider that knows you and your heating system.
  • Fuel oil is not explosive and inhalation of fuel oil fumes cannot be fatal. Nothing beats the safety of Oilheat.

* Source: Energy Communications Council 

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